The concept

We believe that Amply will help accelerate results and improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children by providing tools for delivering High-Definition services that are information-driven. This has 2 important dimensions: First we ensure that information is high-resolution. This means resolving all data to unique and durable digital identifiers (Decentralised Digital Identity) registered on a decentralised public key infrastructure. 

Then we ensure that all data collection, processing and reporting is high-fidelity. This means that data can be trusted because they are captured in a digital format with metadata and built-in error checking, logged with time-stamping, hashed (to provide immutable proof) and notarised on a public ledger (when relevant). All transactions are associated with authenticated identities, for accountability.

The system generates trustworthy, rich transactional data and metadata in imperative semantic formats, for instance using definitions. By encrypting the data and storing all personally identifiable information within an individual’s own personal data store, a detailed record can be built up over time for each person. Valuable derivative data assets can be derived from this personal information, to benefit the individual and population-based data analysis can benefit ECD programmes.

The Consent protocol enables permissioned access to personal data, with fine-grained access controls and transaction logging, using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This is truly an open platform for innovation! The software and data standards we use make Amply completely inter-operable with any other standards-based digital service. This will include the entire ecosystem of decentralised applications that is emerging on platforms such as Ethereum. We know that networked information grows exponentially and this creates massive potential for future applications of this information that we believe will directly benefit children.


Our technology stack